How to Hide Your IP

How to Hide your IP with VPN?

Let’s say you need to Hide your online identity. Some people already know that using a VPN is the easiest and most reliable way to hide your IP on the Internet with no restrictions and no surveillance. So how does it work? How does RayaVPN hide my IP address?


Hide your IP to hide from surveiliance and regain anonimity in the Internet

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Use VPN instead of proxy to get maximum security, relibility and higher speed


The moment your device is connected to the web, your ISP assigns it an IP address. Therefore, when you visit websites, check emails and so on, your online activity can be monitored using the IP address. The question most people ask themselves is, “Can I hide my IP address?” Yes, you can hide your IP address. The most effective way as far as how to hide your IP address concept is concerned is through an anonymous VPN. If you usually use a free proxy tool or a proxy subscription service you should see this comparasion.

Let’s compare VPN vs proxy

Proxy VPN
Security Very low. On SSL connections all data is encrypted – but on non-SSL nothing is encrypted. Beware! 256-bit Bank-grade encryption
Speed Usually slow due to overtrafficked servers Very fast and performance oriented
Privacy Proxy operator can intercept your private data Best possible. Your data is totally encrypted and therefore masked. Your ISP can’t monitor your activity
Content Access Circumvents basic geo-restrictions, not 100% reliable  Unblocks all content restrictions
Stability Unstable – frequent downtime and risk of crashing  Super stable – 99.9% uptime
OS/Device Support Limited to the browser  Works on all systems (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Routers) and routes all traffic through VPN (within apps too


RayaVPN is the best IP hider and it helps you solve the mystery of how to hide your IP address. RayaVPN achieves this by masking IP address. Hiding your IP address keeps you anonymous. You do not need to wonder anymore on how to hide your IP address. You just need to ask RayaVPN the following, “Hide my IP address online” and it will do so by masking your real IP with one of the RayaVPN server IPs. With that said the concept of how to hide your IP address should no longer worry you, since RayaVPN is your one stop solution. How to hide your IP address is easy, just sign up for RayaVPN.