Refund Policy

We offer 30 days money back guarantee if you can’t connect to
our VPN servers using all VPN connections included into your package



Important! We do not offer money back in following cases:

  1. The service is provided “as-is”. We cannot guarantee that our service unblocks certain sites. The fact that you are not able to access a site using RayaVPN cannot be a reason for a refund request. You are able to test our service before purchasing by our 30 day money back guarantee.
  2. We do not refund for speed issues because we have money back guarantee for all our premium servers where you can test speed over any VPN server.
  3. If RayaVPN terminates due to breach of our Terms of Service Agreement, in which case you are not eligible for any refund.
  4. Automatically PayPal subscription payments will be refunded back to your paypal account. Also, make sure to test the RayaVPN service first on other operating systems or devices (like iPhone/Android) before going for premium subscription.
  5. At our own discretion, if we think your intention is to use our service for malicious purposes (for example spamming, network attacks, etc…), we can terminate your account.
  6. If you want to issue a refund for some of our add-ons (Private IPs or NAT Firewall) we will refund in form of RayaVPN credit only (no cash refund possible), and accordingly to the time of using the above mentioned add-on.

If you are having technical difficulties please email our support team before claiming a refund as they will be happy to solve any problems. 99% of the problems can be solved without the need for refund.

If you are eligible for a refund, we will issue you a refund within 3 business days.